Monthly Coaching Plans

Have you hit a plateau?

are you stuck in the gym for ideas? Looking to lose weight and tone up?

Get in contact for a 30 minute consultation call to discuss your health and set goals for the next month.


£44.99 per month

Online Coaching

Online coaching offer a far superior service to in person coaching as the service allows for far more contact with tour coach!


The process starts with a 30 minute consultation to discuss your health and targets. You will then receive:

Bi-weekly training plans

Daily Nutrition targets

An initial 30 min video call

Access to my training app

My personal Whatsapp

bi-weekly video calls to check-in

£149.99 Per Month

Ultimate Online Coaching

My most dynamic service that changes in real-time alongside your own progress!

In addition to everything else on offer, you will get:

Weekly video check-ins 

weekly training plans

weekly monitoring 

£199.99 per month

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