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Top tips for those starting in the gym!

While the gym may seem like a daunting place given the current pandemic and may not even be open in your area, there a many people who fear the gym.

I hear from my clients that are ready to level up and transition to the gym how they don't know how the equipment works, with what intensity they should exercise or even how they don't feel comfortable around other more experienced gym are my top tips for to hopefully give you more confidence in the gym:

1- The most common worry, I don't like that people stare

Although it may seem like the world is staring at you, the reality is nobody cares. Sure, they may glance in your direction but ultimately they're more focussed on themselves and their own goals - as should you be!

If people notice you doing something wrong you will probably find that they might constructively advise you but very rarely will you have a negative experience in the gym - remember most of the people in there started where you stand now!

2- I don't know what I'm doing

Anybody entering the gym must (legally!) be inducted to the facility, this means a qualified personal trainer will show you how to safely navigate and operate all things in the gym. This will give you a basic understanding.

Further to this, you can hire an online trainer, like myself, to help set your goals, training and nutrition plans to ensure you are following the best routine fo your ambitions!

3 - I'm worried about corona virus -

Although Covid is a worry for us all, the chances of you contracting this in the gym is very slim, if your facility is correctly following the government guidelines.

while at he time of writing this infection rates in most cities is reaching the high 100's per 100,000 people, gyms as a whole in the UK account for 0.34 infections per 100,000 people.

Simply put, according to the date you have a 0.00034% chance of picking it up from your gym.

On the other hand, our Prime Minister Borris Johnson has been the biggest advocate for improving fitness the effects of Covid, with data suggesting overweight people have a higher risk when contracting this disease.

4 - I keep seeing people get hurt on social medai

Social media has a knack for showing content that either shocks or impresses viewers - with a huge niche being memes, fail videos and trolling.

In reality these views get a huge liking and following because they entertain people but when did you last see your friend fly off the back of a treadmill, or drop and 200kg barbell on their neck, fold in half under the squat bar.

Most of these people were trying to show off and ended up making the opposite of the video they were aiming for. I have personally lifted more than I can handle and there are plenty of sensible ways to get out of a sticky situation, most equipment has safety built in and chances are you won't be lifting anything heavy enough to maim yourself to begin with anyway.

5 - I don't know how much weight to use

When first entering the gym its best to start very low weight and pyramid up to fond your working sets - this is a better idea than looking for your 1 rep max as it allows you to warm up to the machine and progressively feel your way through the weights, rather than jumping straight to the top weight on the machines and needlessly risking injury.

So that's 5 top tips when entering the gym for the first time.

To summarise above, nobody cares what you're doing if they do you will likely receive positive advice, new friendships and maybe even a greta training partner.

If you're struggling to find the motivation to go to the gym, if your worried about your plan or want to make the most of your time with expert guidance, get in touch and see how my online coaching can help you reach your goals much much quicker!

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