• Steven Jeynes

Stop doing these things!!!

We all have bad habits, that makes us human! Some of these habits however seriously impact us on a deeper level than we realise!

1. comparing yourself to others.

You are unique, your situation is unique and your goals are unique. following the hottest, most ripped, biggest booty on Instagram will get you nowhere. These individuals spend thousand on the perfect setups to take those pictures and scroll through thousand of shots just to choose the right picture.

2. Negatively analysing your own body.

We all have what we would perceive to be imperfections however this negativity usually outweighs the many positive features about you. We all have stretch marks, cellulite, unwanted body fat, body hair etc. why would you be any different? it's not negative, it's a fact of life and something only you are judging.

3. Worrying about what others think of you.

Chances are 9 times out of 10 its all in your mind and more of a worry than a fact however when people do see the need to pass judgement it usually reflects their own securities. Most bullies lack confidence of their own and usually do so behind a keyboard or in a group of peers. remove these two things and they soon lose confidence and show themselves as the insecure people they truly are.

4. Wasting time on the things that aren't important

Have you put time and effort into something that isn't getting you anywhere? are you still going through the motions just because you don't want to waste investment of time money and effort? What will throwing more of the same achieve you?

Why not save yourself the gruelling heart ache of getting nowhere and refocus your effort and priorities rather that throwing everything into an infinite hole.

5. Stop half hearting everything

This is the opposite of point 4, have you given an investment of time effort and money to something you're not chasing 100%? This is not a reason to end that endeavour but instead to refocus, prioritise and better manage your time and effort.

There are many things we can do to improve ourselves, taking care of yourself and your wellbeing is always at the top of that list! So stop putting it off, stop saying next week, next month, January.

Start tomorrow! If improving health and fitness is your goal, get in touch to see how my online coaching can help you!

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