1-1 Personal Training

Fully equipped and mobile, if your within 8 miles of KT10 I will travel to you for a 1-1 personal training session.

If your looking to lose body fat or grow lean muscle tissue, get in touch today to discuss how I can apply over 7 years of experience towards helping you achieve your goals!

from £35 p/h

1-1 Zoom training

1-1 zoom sessions tailored to you and your circumstances!

Whether you have equipment or not, I will plan and guide you through a challenging and rewarding video training session!

I do not offer classes, as I feel this diminishes the attention that should focussed on the individual, ensuring every movement is executed safely and efficiently!

from £30 p/h

group training

Group training sessions are offered with a 10% discount per person on the hourly rate.

Not to be confused with classes or bootcamps, these sessions will be targeted and focussed on the individuals in the group!

Maximum group sizes enable me to focus on the performance of the group, therefore are strictly limited to 3 people.

From £30 PP

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