Cobalt Coaching is the official online transformation service from Steven Jeynes where results are guaranteed! If you want a more sculpted physique, if you want to add more lean muscle, reduce bodyfat and you want to improve your health, you have come to the right place!

Your trainer, Steven Jeynes

Steven Jeynes is an expert in body transformation, serving thousands of clients worldwide over the last 7 years, helping people transform their body no matter their circumstances. 


Steve's Science and mechanical based approach to body transformation ensures that you are transforming using the very best and proven tools and advice. This same information will be passed on as part of the coaching service, ensuring you understand what is going on at all times and are prepare to "fly the nest" armed with the tools to move forward.

For over 10 years Steve has experimented with many different training methods and diet systems to ensure that that only the most relevant and effective advice is offered and to ensure that all important vale of "practice what you preach".


When it comes to getting results, having the right mindset, and knowledge to overcome obstacles, excuses and daily interference, Steve is best placed to offer a tough yet compassionate direction.

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(*) Money Back guarantee if in the case where no visible or measured results are achieve, despite following workouts in their entirety.

Guarantee is not valid when plans are not followed as set out.